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Before an idea, it was a dream…

“I longed for the voice of the land, in which I was born and lived, to continue speaking to my son and his children and so forth, as it did with me; in order to avoid being suffocated by the needs of one’s own time.
Thus was born my project to refurbish part of the family home, while honouring our traditions, to accommodate all those who love and are easily moved by the immensity of the colours, scents and sounds of our beloved countryside.”
With affection, Manuela

The Farm

The ‘Cuscino nel Pagliaio’, or ‘Pillow in a Haystack’, is a restored 19th-century farmhouse that has kept all its original charming features. The apartments have been created from the old spaces that were once used for other specific uses of rural life.

Situated in beautiful Tuscan countryside, just a stone’s throw from the sea, surrounded by hills and historic villages and towns, our farmhouse offers a family-friendly holiday, where your children can have fun in a safe and healthy environment, surrounded by nature, with play equipment and in contact with the small animals of the farm.

Come and visit us, and stay even just for one night. The ‘Pillow in the Haystack’ will show you all the warmth and hospitality of country folk. Take a well-deserved break, even just for a weekend.


Discover our


The Stable


The Stable once housed the cattle. Here they bedded down, oxen and the heifers broken in to pull cart, plough, harrow and other tools used to work the fields...

The Grain Store


During the threshing, farmworkers brought 3-bushel, or 20-kilo, grain bags here and emptied them in a corner...

The Olive Store


In winter, hemp bales, filled with hand-picked and basketed olives, were transported by shoulder and cart to the Olive Store. Here they were turned out on the floor and, day by day, spread out and ‘ruminated’, or shuffled with a wooden blade to prevent them from going mouldy...

The Hay Barn


A rectangular room on the ground floor where farmers lay out the daily forage for the stable animals...

La Terrazza


On the first floor of the building there were the main house and those of the sharecroppers, characterized by large bedrooms in order to accommodate large families. After a day of hard work everyone loved to gather on the large terrace to enjoy the splendid view, and spend the evening in joy all together.

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Where We Are

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Via di Ribocchi 6
57021 Campiglia Marittima (Venturina).