The Stable once housed the cattle. Here they bedded down, oxen and the heifers broken in to pull cart, plough, harrow and other tools used to work the fields. In another stall were the calves and steers for market and on the other side the wooden corral, closed by a gate, for the milk calves.

The Stable is the largest apartment on the farm.

 In addition to the main entrance, which leads to the living room, there is another entrance leading to the master bedroom. In order to bring back to mind how it once was, I chose the natural colour of wood and of forage.

While the apartment was under renovation, we found a painting of Saint Anthony hung on a wall. The peasants used to keep pictures of this patron saint of animals for good luck.

So we restored the painting and kept it for the protection of the stable and the whole farm.

Finally, the Stable is one of our apartments that offers disabled access.